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What is Chancel Repair Liability?
Why Chancel Repair matters

Chancel repair liability goes back to the medieval ages and is the responsibility of a property owner to cover the chancel repair (steeple) costs of a parish church. Chancel repair liabilities are not always recorded within property deeds due to the ancient nature of the chancel repair liability clause.

The Land Registration Act 2002 has raised the visibility of chancel repair issues. Under this act all chancel repair obligations within England and Wales must be registered with the land registry by 2012, otherwise they are rendered unenforceable.

The church is now actively searching its parish records to find cases where there are chancel repair obligations and are registering them swiftly. This alone, makes the purchase of chancel repair insurance or a chancel repair search essential for many property owners and prospective purchasers who have or are buying a property within a parish chancel repair location. Please visit our chancel repair facts page for full chancel repair information.
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All Chancel repair insurance and chancel repair searches provided to you by us through www.chancel-repair.co.uk are supplied directly to you through our main company www.searchesuk.co.uk. As a market leader in professional, fast and  competitively priced chancel repair insurance and chancel repair search products we can supply you with chancel repair products to protect most interests and provide valuable peace of mind against any future chancel repair claims.
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We provide fixed price, one-off payment, chancel repair insurance policies, which protect homeowners from chancel repair risks where no chancel repair search has been carried out. We can also supply chancel repair searches to check for possible chancel repair liability issues but it should be noted that a chancel repair search is not necessarily definitive. If a chancel repair search has revealed a chancel repair liability then it is not possible to purchase chancel repair insurance following this result  - please visit our chancel repair facts page for full details.
Chancel Repair Searches & Chancel Repair Insurance supplied in 2 hours
Chancel repair insurance or chancel repair searches are quick to order and inexpensive to put into place and effectively protect homeowners from suffering a similar fate to that of Mr and Mrs Wallbanks in the infamous Wallbanks case.

In 2009 the Wallbanks were found liable by the High Court for a chancel repair bill to their Parish Church totalling £186,986, PLUS VAT and costs, which brought the total up to around £250,000. This was in addition to the £200,000 the couple spent over the years fighting the chancel repair case. In the end, the couple were forced to sell their house at auction to cover the chancel repair costs.

This ruling means that The Church of England can now track down thousands of property owners across England and Wales whose homes, companies, gardens, etc have been built on old church land and force them to pay unrestricted chancel repair costs to their local parish church.

You can read the full article about the chancel repair case in the Guardian here

You can also visit a website about the Wallbanks case and petition regarding their chancel repair nightmare here:
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